Ruthcliffe Lodge and Restaurant

About Us on Lake Champlain in Vermont

As second-generation husband and wife owners, we have kept up the Ruthcliffe tradition. Over the years, our rustic lodge has become renowned for its hospitality and fine foods. If you call for reservations, you'll likely get Kathy on the phone. And, it is Chef Mark who creates your fabulous meals. We invite you to come and experience Ruthcliffe for yourself!

Named after Mark's mother, Ruth, the lodge was originally built in 1951 by local craftsmen and family members. In 1957, we added a separate facility and opened to the public.

In 2001, we just added a sitting room for reading, playing games, or just watching TV.
Ruthcliffe Lodge and Restaurant
1002 Quarry Road
Isle La Motte, Vermont 05463
(802) 928-3200
Toll Free: (800) 769-8162
Fax: (802) 928-3200

Hosts: Mark and Kathy Infante
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